PUMA BTS (bullet proof Boy Scouts) wear design SUEDE BlackGold

PUMA BTS (bullet proof Boy Scouts) wear design SUEDE BlackGold

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This is the latest SUEDE PLATFORM sneakers PUMA KOREA popular BTS (bullet proof Boy Scouts) serve as a model in Japan.
* BTS autograph session held in March entry ticket with.

Sneakers here you will put up the BTS &PUMA sale bonus to add autograph entry ticket to order, not only in the PUMA official shop.

* On the terms and conditions of the BUYMA BTS wear pictures are not published

Very popular to be sold out early.
Please ask in stock ago ordering.
* Especially 23, 24 or 25 cm will be sold ahead of time so please consider early we recommend
Payment * some color and size available on hand because Kano is now shipping procedures in order

Purchase PUMA official shop alone, undoubtedly authentic is assured.

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PUMA BTS (bullet proof Boy Scouts) wear design SUEDE BlackGold